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Welcome to Australian Multi Media Pty Ltd. Distributors of PABX Peripheral Equipment.


We are specialist distributors and suppliers of:

Voicemail Systems , Call Recording Systems,  Unified Messaging , GSM Gateways , Door Phones ,  Auto Attendant ,  Fax Servers



Contact Australian Multi Media on 02 8850 1100


Analogue GSM Gateways


                     CGW - T

  • 1 Port Analog Cellular Gateway

  • LCD display

  • Low cost solution

  • Industry tested with 1000's installed

  • Signal Meter

  • Cellular Carrier Display

  • Volume controls

  • Call ID blocking


Optional Mounting Bracket For Multiple Units



CGW - T4

  • 4 Port Analogue Cellular Gateway

  • Rack mount unit

  • 4 x SIM cards

  • 4 Analogue Trunks

  • All SIM channels work independently, so different carriers can be used.

2 Line ISDN BRI Digital

 GSM Gateway



  • 2 lines with 2 GSM cards. Provides 2 ISDN Phone Lines

  • Incoming Disa Function

  • Incoming Caller ID

  • Call Barring

  • Toll Restrictions

  • Call Duration Limitiation

  • Call Detail Logging

  • New Look Plastic Case

 IP "SIP" Door Phones

Compatible with all IP based phone systems




"Solid Brushed Aluminum"

 Euro Style Door Phones


         Pancode Surface               Pantel Surface                Pancode Flush          Pantel Flush  



                                              Apartments Style with LED LIT Keypad


       TADOR Keypad Panel         TADOR Single Button Panel     TADOR Two Button Panel



     TADOR Four Button Panel     TADOR LCD Keypad Panel     TADOR Two Button with Keypad

  • Stylish "Brushed Aluminum" finish

  • Full weatherproof  construction

  • Latest Stylish European design.

  • Connects to an analogue port

  • Built in relays for remote door opening.

  • Programmable entry security codes

  • Full handsfree speakerphone

  • Optional Colour Camera

  • Surface Mount or Flush mountable.

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Primary Rate Call Recording System

ISDN basic Rate Call Recording System

4 Port and 8 Port Analogue Recorders

Call Recorder Quarto -

  For 4 analogue lines or extensions


. Call Recorder Octo -

For 8 analogue lines or extensions


Call Recorder ISDN 2 - 

For 2 Basic Rate Lines For 1 to 4 Channels


Call Recorder ISDN 4 -

For 4 Basic Rate Lines  For 1 to 8 Channels


Call Recorder PRI -

 For recording from Primary Rate

E1  ISDN  Lines

For 1 to 30 PRI Channels


Call Recorder Pico


  • Small single analog call recorder

  • Record from an analog phone line or from the hand piece of a digital phone.

  • Calls are recorded via USB to a local PC

  • Low cost solution

  • Full software provided

  • Search calls on date, time, duration, caller ID

  • Outgoing notification message

  • Email recorded files easily

  • Install multiple recorders for a low cost multiple extension system.


PRI Fax Server




  • Give every member of staff their own fax number.

  • Email all faxes to staff "In Box"

  • Install PRI lines into Fax Server then from fax Server to phone system.

  • Logs and archives all incoming and outgoing faxes onto build in hard disk.

  • Use Fax Server to send all outgoing faxes

VME Pro Voice Mail System

with Email Integration










  • 4 or 8 ports, 500 Mailboxes, 36 hours or 72 hours voice storage

  • Built in Email Integration for all users. No additional license fee's

  • Compatible with most PABX systems in Australia

  • Programming and Maintenance over network.

  • Receive your voicemail messages to any email address.

  • Lowest price in Australia for Unified Messaging

Music Tel Net

Digital Music On Hold Player




  • No moving mechanical parts guarantees solid reliability

  • MP3 file format eliminates the need for CDs, reducing both your production and shipment costs

  • FLASH Memory saves recordings even during power out

  • Real-Time Control lets you update marketing campaigns in seconds

  • Zero Gap Audio seamlessly plays through your different audio tracks without pauses

  • Audio File Volume Level Control & Superior Voice Quality

Versadial Call Recording Server






  • Dedicated call recording server.

  • Will record direct from digital PABX Extensions

  • Will record from Analog, ISDN or PRI Phone Lines

  • Record from 4 channels to 128 + channels

  • Compatible with most PABX systems

  • Will compete will all high end voice recording systems

  • Smaller systems are configured in Midi Tower

  • Larger systems configured in a rack mount case.

  • Easy to use, graphical interface

  • Montior live phone calls.

  • Search calls based on time, date, duration, caller ID or Ext


PRI 30 Channel

Cellular Gateway




  • Install up to 32 SIM cards

  • Connect to a PRI Port on a PABX

  • Rack mount case.

  • Unit expands by 2 SIM cards

  • High call capacity for corporate networks

  • Optional SIP card for connection to a SIP communications network

  • Antenna Combiner used to consolidate antenna into a weather proof high gain cellular antenna

  • User friendly GUI interface.

  • Program system via browser.


Call Recorder

 FeaturePhone 175



  • Full Featured Telephone Handset with Integrated Call Recorder

  • Telephone calls fully automatically recorded onto CD

  • Minimum capacity of 175 hours and    15 000 recordings per CD

  • Additional capacity of 5 hours in flash memory

  • All CD recordings written as .wav files for playback on all PC's

  • High quality telephone incorporating all functions

  • Integrated answer machine

Call Recorder Single Range



  • Built In Hard Drive or Flash Memory for up to 9 900 hours voice storage

  • Optional CD Burner. Writes all phones calls to CD as .wav file.

  • Records from Single Analogue Phone or Digital handset

  • Built in Lan port for connection to network for external archiving

Fax Server IP System



  • Incoming and outgoing faxes at every workstation

  • Up to 1 500 000 fax pages storage capacity

  • Easy to connect to local network

  • Works with LAN or internet

  • Connects faxes to Email

  • Can be used with Windows 2000 and XP

  • Assign a fax number to all users

  • Backup and archive every incoming and outgoing fax on the in built hard drive.

Vocal Voicemail Systems




  • From 2 to 4 ports

  • From 2 to 128 mailboxes

  • From 1 hour to 10 hours voice storage

  • Compatible with all phone systems

  • Full auto attendant and queing

  • Windows based programming with backup facility

  • Supplied to companies in Australia for over 6 years with a strong service history

  • New Version 7 hardware and software just released

myFax Fax-Server System



  • 1, 2 and 4 Port Fax Servers

  • Low Cost Solution

  • Have incoming faxes emailed to users

  • Uses flash memory, no moving parts

  • Use on a single line or compatible with most PABX systems

  • Use as an outgoing fax server

  • Fax directly from within desktop programs

  • Fast and easy system to program and deploy